March 21, 2008

Italy is calling me!!

Been playing with my software again and this is my latest creation. I would love to go to Italy one day so I'm saying today that it's in my future!! Dreams are made of this. I took this photo in Clermont a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

ME TOO! And what a Beautiful Estate, and right in Clermont? WOW! Zewdi and I were going for Italy and Greece this summer, but the Dollar is taking such a hit against the Euro, we'll probably wait till next year, and hope for a stronger buck!! LOVE & HUGS

Giuliana said...

Hello.... I was looking around and saw this... where do you live and where would you like to come in Italy?? I live in Roma... Kiss!

Denise said...

My dream is to take a month vacation to Italy, and I don't mean Paris. I want to go into the country and see the vineyards, local people and just "live" with the natives. What a blast that would be.